A $ 100 Million Casino: Donald Trump’s Ambitious New Project

Since the bankruptcy and the sale in 2009 of his company Trump Entertainment Resorts, the American businessman Donald Trump has been discreet in the world of the game. This candidate for the American presidential election this year has recently declared its intention to partner with billionaire Phil Ruffin for the launch of a new casino in Las Vegas.

$ 100 million is the value of the investment represented by the future gambling establishment of the favorite for the presidency of the United States for 2016. His partner will be Phil Ruffin. The latter is none other than the founder of the house “Treasure Island” located in Las Vegas. With this billionaire, Donald Trump will invest $ 50 million for the realization of the project. This is a small investment for this politician whose fortune is close to $ 4 billion. The other part will be paid by his friend.

The location of this future gambling town casino is already known. It will be located in the Trump Hotel, a property of the politician affected by the financial crisis in 2008. The project will be managed by Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump. Indeed, the latter should be at the head of the family business “Trump Organization” once his father becomes America’s new strongman.

Donald Trump is therefore back on the market after the sale of his Atlantic City assets: the Trump Plaza and the Trump Taj Mahal. Regarding this last casino, which allowed the businessman to put his accounts in order, it is Carl Icahn, another billionaire, who is the new happy owner of the establishment since February 26 . Carl Icahn will therefore have the difficult task of setting up again the activity of the Resort, which will offer 130 table games and 2,500 slot machines.

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